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Capture Inputs

  1. RTSP input. Cheap way to get the signal with drawback of additional latency.
  2. Other PCIe capture cards and USB dongles should also work but are subject to testing
  3. NDI input is an easy way to get signal via your local network
  4. Aja capture devices
  5. BlackMagic Design Decklink cards and external devices. You need to have Decklink Video 10.11.4 or newer installed
  6. RTMP input. If you want to run Scoreboard OCR in your remote control room, this might be the best option

What if my capture card does not work?

  1. Make sure you send us the capture card make, model and camera format, resolution so that we can test it
  2. As a quick workaround we can offer two options:
    1. Use vMix to output output the scoreboard camera via NDI and choose NDI input in Scoreboard OCR
    2. Use vMix to output the scoreboard camera as vMix 2nd output (virtual capture device) and use Local Capture Device in Scoreboard OCR by choosing “vMix Video External 2” and Resolution “automatic”
  3. You could also use VLC to create NDI output from your capture card

Video Tutorial: How to select capture device

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