Try before buy

  1. We provide demo version of 30 days for any user (one person/company is limited to one demo version of 30 days)
  2. We strongly advise to use demo period to test the capture hardware and scoreboards before purchasing a licence. If you experience any issues during tests, are looking for additional functionality or need to extend demo period, please contact us
  3. One commercial licence is to be used for one physical computer
  4. Please check our hardware and software requirements before purchasing
  5. If you represent a club and can get together with other clubs, we can offer a “League Licence”, which will cost less per each club
  6. If you are a company registered in EU, make sure you enter your VAT id during purchase process to deduct VAT
  7. Software and licence delivery is fully digital
  8. You can also use a purchase order to initiate the purchase

Purchase Scoreboard OCR

Subscription licence
Event (1 month)
Subscription licence
OB van (offline)
Unlimited digits recognized
(score, match time, penalties, etc)
Supports hardware capture devices, RTSP and NDI inputsYesYesYesYes
Supports 20+ of the most popular graphics engines and mixersYesYesYesYes
Two application instances
on the same computer supported
YesYesYesLet us know your custom requirements
Internet connection
required upon startup
Price390 USD
350 EUR
150 USD
135 EUR
Contact for pricing