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How to send data to

  1. Add external access API token to your graphics template
  2. Choose “” output option in Scoreboard OCR
  3. Enter access token:<TOKEN>/<compositionName>
  4. Use the same field names in Scoreboard OCR that are defined in

Scoreboard OCR will send the following HTTP PUT request to according to developer documentation


How to test ?

  1. in
    1. from Market add Corner Cap composition and create control app for that composition
    2. in Control App upper right corner click on the three dashes and generate a token, copy it to your clipbaord
    3. in Control App activate only 'Score Bug - Basketball' overlay, make sure you see the scorebug on the screen
  2. in Scoreboard OCR
    1. in '2. Choose Output' choose the output type '' and add this line<TOKEN_FROM_CLIPBOARD>/Score Bug - Basketball
    2. in '3. Add Digits' add field named 'team1Score' and add some digits

You should see the Team1 score updating in

How to solve the issue that Time field is not updating?

Since 'Time' field is not a standard text field but rather a 'timer' type of field and it is not possible to send a value to update this field. Instead it can be started and stoped by sending a command. Workaround is to replace Timer widget with Text widget.

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